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Erth Book-Wrap


Erth book-wraps are a cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing assortment of book wrap mailers designed to serve as versatile corner protectors. These mailers are the perfect choice for fulfilment and retail operations seeking to safeguard; books, computer games and electrical goods. They are fully compliant with Royal Mails PIP guidelines, ensuring transparent postage cost calculations for your shipments. 

Our Erth book-wraps come in various sizes, catering to the packaging needs of paperbacks, small diaries, large hardback, technical goods and much more. 

  • All sizes of the Erth book-wraps feature a peel-&seal strip alongside a tear open strip.
  • Erth sizing is multi scored meaning it fits a variety of different sizes of product.
  • Erth mailers are 100% recyclable.
  • They are manufactured in the UK, reducing your carbon footprint.

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