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Our Invictus pallet wrap has been taking the industry by storm. Made from 67 layers of Nanotechnology, it has unbelievable strength while being very thin. This means that compared to virgin films you will be using far less material and creating less waste, using less is also more cost-effective and could save your business a load. 

Invictus nano technology stretch film

Invictus now containing 30% recycled content has overcome the challenge of the difficulties faced by using recycled content within manufacturing pallet wrap and still having a high level of film consistency, importantly preventing rips and tears in the process of wrapping pallets. Invictus containing 30% recycled content has a guaranteed stretch of up to 250% and you can use with most of the power pre stretch machine.

Plastic tax Free

Cut Stretch Film Usage

BY 65%

30% Recycled Content

Multilayer Nano Technology

Print & Paper Supplier

Existing Film – 23Mic PPS – 150% Stretch

Invictus Nano Film – 15mic Nano 30% recycled – 260% Stretch

Measure 23mic 15mic
Film Weight (Per Pallet) 658g 144g
Holding Force (KG) 7.3kg 7.45kg


  • 78% plastic saving
  • 64% reduction in cost per pallet wrapped
  • Estimated annual saving of 11,565KG of CO2 per annum

Costs Clarified! Savings Made!

A no-obligation review of your current stretch wrap setup could reveal significant savings on your pallet wrap spend. By reviewing your current film type, machine settings and current costs, we can advise on changes that could save you money.

Did you know that switching to high-performance thinner films could save a significant percentage off your stretch wrap costs? Challenge to save you money and improve performance for your business! NANO stretch films can reduce the cost per pallet wrapped and improve pallet load stability!

Improve Optical Clarity

Superior Puncture Resistance

Superior Stretch & Strength

Superior Holding Force

Book your Plastic Reduction Audit today.

We advise using one of our Robopac pallet wrapping machines, our Intelligent Packaging Experts, can provide a free onsite visit, to assess and understand your operational processes. 

We are a direct distributor in the UK and are proud to provide a quick installation and delivery service, suitable for all sizes of businesses. 

Couple with the Nanofilm and your business could be making huge cost, carbon footprint and time savings.

Our new self-propelled packaging machines, Robot S7, is the latest innovation on the market, using the most advanced technologies and utmost attention to safety. the machine provides a high level of packaging autonomy and great flexibility, with the ability to stabilise pallets of all shapes, sizes and weight, using a stretch film. Because of the control you are able to exert you can control the film with extreme precision, which guarantees a perfect pre-stretch and lowest possible consumption of film and energy, being more beneficial for the environment and providing high sustainability.

Robopac Robot S7 FRD
Robopac Roboplat 508 Low Profile Pallet Wrapping Machine

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