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Packaging Tape

KB Packaging stock a range of high-quality parcel packing tapes ideal for use in warehouses, logistics, mail rooms, offices and removals to seal and secure cartons or bundle items together prior to shipping.

In addition to our stock range, there are many specialist tapes available on request.

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What is packaging tape?

Packaging tape is a film layer with an adhesive used for sealing cartons prior to shipping. There are different types of film and different types of adhesive, designed for different applications.

Packing tape comes in standard brown and clear. Brown tape is a clear film with a coloured adhesive and clear tape has a clear adhesive.

The standard roll length is 66m on a hand roll. For those that like less waste and roll changes it also comes in 132m and 150m in e-tape.

If you use and case taping machine then the 990m roll is normally used.

Is packing tape recyclable?

Most packing tape is manufactured from Polypropylene and is not currently recycled on its own. That said it is not a requirement that it is removed from cartons prior to recycling. The recycling process of cardboard uses water and heat which separates the tape from the card.

The paper e-tape is 100% recyclable.

Polyester tape is in development that can be recycled. Unfortunately, the cardboard recycling plants will not be able to differentiate between it and non-recyclable tapes so it would need to be separated from the box before both are placed in separate recycling bins.

What is the best packing tape?

The best packing to use depends on the application. The standard packing tapes have a water-based adhesive and are the most popular. There is a low-noise version for environments where noise is a key factor.

The tapes that have a solvent adhesive are generally used in applications where there is a varied climate such as export or cold-store storage. The solvent tape is also used in the screenprinting industry for masking screens as the solvent adhesive doesn’t mix with the water-based inks.

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