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Convert cardboard waste material into eco-friendly and free void-fill packaging material using a cardboard recycling shredder.

Reduce your impact on the environment and save money on your packaging.

A cardboard shredder or perforator is a sustainable solution to recycle corrugated cardboard boxes into flat protective netting, cushioning padding or even strips or chips.

These recycling machines pay for themselves and help to reduce the cost of packing materials and waste.

By eliminating the requirement to purchase bulky packing materials, a cardboard shredder is both a cost and space-saving device.

Quickly processing your surplus cardboard into packaging provides you with cost-free, recycled material for filling void space within parcels for extra protection of the items packed.

To produce paper packaging void-fill from cardboard waste, one of the Optimax industrial shredders is cost savings and eco-friendly solution. Cardboard boxes or sheets of cardboard can be inserted into the machine and converted into shredded void-fill material in seconds.

Paper shredders are simple, efficient and easy-to-use methods of recycling cardboard into usable shredded material. The shredded cardboard is converted to void-fill packaging with, often, greater strength than plastic alternatives such as bubble wrap. Shredded cardboard void-fill, is highly effective shipping packaging and is manufactured for free with the Optimax shredder.

The Optimax Cardboard Carton Shredders allow you to recycle your waste cardboard boxes, which helps to protect our environment and save money by not having to purchase additional chips or bubble wrap and reducing costs of skip removal or the compacting of old cartons.

The Optimax Shredder is a single or three-phase unit,, and shreds card products of up to 420mm wide and up to 18mm thick at a rate of 13 metres per minute, making flexible lattice matting which can then be used to void-fill or product protect a host of items on demand. The Optimax Shredder produces up to 4-6m3 per hour of void-fill with a recommended maximum run time of up to 6 hours, and a footprint of less than 0.5sq.m. The unit also incorporates a cutting system so in a single pass the machine simultaneously cuts and processes the cardboard therefore trimming and shredding pieces to a given size – perfect for your individual items.

Safer, Cleaner and Quieter, this Optimax Cardboard Shredder is CE/EMC compliant and built to class IE3 energy efficiency, which is up to 30% more energy efficient, using less electricity for the same performance. A soft start means less component wear and quieter operation. Optimax Cardboard Shredders are the first to comply with BS EN ISO 13857:2008. The standard stipulates that a 20mm-high opening to a blade mechanism must incorporate a minimum safety distance of 120mm – Optimax, a market leader in innovation and operator safety, has exceeded these requirements to provide a safety distance of 140mm.

Please note that whilst these machines will shred staples Optimax recommends customers remove them where possible as it will increase the wear on the cutting head and therefore shorten the life of the machine. Furthermore, most users will want to remove the staples anyway as if you are using these for packaging materials then any staples left behind may scratch the goods. The shredding of non-paper and cardboard materials like plastic tape and strapping may damage your machine and negate your warranty.

Supplied with manufacturer 2 year return to base warranty and available with leasing options if required to spread the cost of the purchase.

The Eco-Friendly Solution for Reusing Cardboard Packaging!

Why Choose Our Card Shredder?

  1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Embrace the three Rs of sustainability with our Card Shredder. By shredding used cardboard into fine, manageable pieces, you can repurpose it for packaging material, reducing the need for traditional single-use materials.
  2. Eco-Conscious Packaging: Sustainability is at the core of what we do. Our Card Shredder helps you create eco-friendly packaging solutions that impress customers and stakeholders alike. Say goodbye to excessive plastic and foam materials and hello to reusable, biodegradable cardboard packaging.
  3. Cost-Effective Solution: Not only will you be contributing to a greener planet, but you’ll also save money in the long run. With our Card Shredder, you can convert waste cardboard into high-quality packaging material, eliminating the need to purchase additional protective items.
  4. Versatile and User-Friendly: Our Card Shredder is designed to accommodate various cardboard sizes, making it versatile for any business or organization. Additionally, it’s user-friendly and easy to operate, allowing your team to integrate sustainable practices effortlessly.
  5. Enhance Brand Image: Show your commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability by incorporating reused cardboard packaging. Customers will appreciate your dedication to reducing waste, and it will undoubtedly elevate your brand image.
  6. Minimal Environmental Footprint: The Card Shredder utilises energy-efficient mechanisms, ensuring a minimal environmental footprint while achieving optimal shredding performance.

Say goodbye to cardboard waste and hello to eco-friendly packaging solutions with our Card Shredder. Embrace the future of sustainable business practices and be a part of the green revolution that’s shaping the world of packaging. Make a difference, reduce your ecological impact, and create a lasting positive impression on your customers.

Are you ready to shred your way to a greener future? Get in touch with us today to learn more about our Card Shredder and start reusing cardboard for a better tomorrow. Together, we can build a more sustainable world, one shredded box at a time!


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