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Pallet Top Sheets

KB Packaging stock the Megatop range of polythene pallet top sheets.

Supplied on rolls these sheets are designed to protect the top of pallets from dust, dirt and moisture during storage or transportation.

KB Packaging stock 2 roll sizes of Megatop polythene top sheets both in clear.

Pallet Top Sheet 900/1800×1800 (1800mm square and folded)

Pallet top sheets, also known as pallet covers or pallet liners, are protective sheets designed to cover the top of palletized goods. They are used in various industries, including logistics, warehousing, and transportation, to provide an additional layer of protection to the products during storage, handling, and shipment. Pallet top sheets are typically made from plastic materials such as polyethene or polypropylene.

Protection from Dust and Contaminants: Pallet top sheets act as a barrier between the products and the environment, protecting them from dust, dirt, and other contaminants. This is especially important for goods that require a clean and hygienic environment, such as food, pharmaceuticals, or electronics. The sheets help maintain product integrity and quality by preventing contamination.

Moisture and Weather Resistance: Pallet top sheets provide a protective layer against moisture and weather elements. They help shield the products from rain, humidity, or condensation that may occur during transportation or storage. By creating a barrier, the sheets minimize the risk of water damage, mold growth, or degradation of the packaged goods.

Stability and Load Securement: Pallet top sheets contribute to load stability and securement. When placed over the top of palletized goods, they help prevent items from shifting, sliding, or falling off during transportation or when the pallets are stacked. This enhances safety and reduces the risk of damage to the products and potential accidents during handling.

UV Protection: Some pallet top sheets are designed to offer UV protection. These sheets contain additives that act as a barrier against harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, which can cause discolouration, fading, or degradation of certain products. UV-protective top sheets are commonly used for goods that are sensitive to sunlight exposure, such as electronics, plastics, or certain types of packaging.

Customization and Compatibility: Pallet top sheets come in various sizes and thicknesses to accommodate different pallet dimensions and load requirements. They can be customized to fit specific pallet sizes or shaped to cover irregularly stacked goods. Additionally, some top sheets feature perforations or vent holes to allow for airflow and prevent moisture buildup.

Anti-Static and Conductive Options: For industries dealing with sensitive electronic components or materials, anti-static or conductive pallet top sheets are available. These specialized sheets help dissipate static electricity, reducing the risk of electrostatic discharge (ESD) that could damage electronic devices or sensitive products.

Cost-Effective Solution: Pallet top sheets offer a cost-effective solution for protecting products during storage and transport. They are typically more affordable than other packaging materials, such as stretch wrap or shrink wrap. Pallet top sheets can be easily applied and removed, minimizing labour costs and simplifying the packaging process.

Pallet top sheets provide an additional layer of protection and security for palletized goods. They help maintain product quality, enhance load stability, and safeguard against environmental factors. By utilizing pallet top sheets, businesses can minimize the risk of damage, reduce product loss, and ensure customer satisfaction.

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