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Steel Strapping

Steel strapping is one of the strongest forms of hand strapping within our range and is recommended for securing very heavy loads with sharp edges. An ideal product for the building industry when securing bricks and concrete.

KB Packaging stocks both ribbon wound and oscillated mill wound coils of steel strapping which are painted black as an anti-rust inhibitor.

Steel Strapping

Steel strapping
Steel Strapping, also known as Steel Banding, is used to secure very heavy loads, to increase load stability during storage and transit. Use steel strapping when high tensile strength and low elongation are essential.

Typical uses are for securing export cases, sharp-edged objects, heavy-duty transport packaging, bundling and pallet banding.

Coil types
Steel strapping is reeled in two formats, ribbon wound and oscillation wound.

Ribbon wound steel strapping is a cold rolled steel. The description “ribbon wound” refers to the method by which the strap is wound into a coil. The steel strap is wound so that each layer of strapping is wound directly over the one below. This means that the width of the coil, when measured, is the same exact width as the strapping itself.


Oscillated wound, commonly known as mill wound, strapping is supplied on an oscillation wound coil, also known as mill wound. Each layer has multiple windings of strapping across its 63.5mm core width.

Both types need a dispenser for use.

How to use steel strapping
Steel strapping is usually applied around the item to be strapped by hand, tensioned with a tensioner (tightening tool) and crimped together with a crimping tool (sealer) and crimps (seals). Some tools don’t require the crimping tool as they have a punch and die that locker the strapping together. This is known as a seal free steel strapping tool.


How to cut/remove steel strapping
Cutting and removing steel strapping when it’s under tension can be dangerous. Always use a steel strapping cutter, gloves and eye protection. Some steel strapping cutters have rubber pads each side of the blade to prevent the strapping pinging apart when it has been cut.

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