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E-Tape is a premium, high performance and hugely popular brand. A key feature is a small core and big roll length – up to 150 metres! Others typically provide only 66 metres so that’s nearly three times the amount of tape per roll.

E-Tape is available in clear and buff (brown) with a choice of 2 inches (48mm) and 3 inches (72mm)


What is e-tape packaging tape?

E-tape was designed to maximise efficiencies and reduce waste. this has been achieved by reducing the core size and increasing the roll length.

Reducing the core reduces the amount of waste on cardboard not only on the cores themselves but also on the cartons. Having increased roll length means that a single carton of e-tape contains nearly as much tape as 3 cartons of standard 66m tape. This gives a reduction in card waste of 56%.

Not only is the waste saving in the amount of cardboard it also gives a massive saving in carbon footprint. One truckload of e-tape contains nearly three times the amount compared to standard tape. This also creates savings in pallet storage and general distribution.

Making this small change has made a huge difference and all contribute towards saving our planet.

Is e-tape recyclable?

Most e-tape is manufactured from Polypropylene and is not currently recycled on its own. That said it is not a requirement that it is removed from cartons prior to recycling. The recycling process of cardboard uses water and heat which separates the tape from the card.

The paper e-tape is 100% recyclable.

Polyester tape is in development that can be recycled. Unfortunately, the cardboard recycling plants will not be able to differentiate between it and non-recyclable tapes so it would need to be separated from the box before both are placed in separate recycling bins.

What is the best e-tape?

The best e-tape to use depends on the application. The e-tape plus is a high-quality packaging tape with a water-based adhesive. The e-tape plus is the most popular in the range.

The e-tape 300 range is similar to the e-tape plus but with a high-shear adhesive which makes it a better option for a varying climates such as export or cold store storage. It is an alternative to solvent-based adhesive tapes.

The e-tape 200 range has a solvent-based adhesive and will generally perform in all conditions. The et-tape 200 is often used by screen printers for masking screens as the water-based inks don’t react with the adhesive.

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