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Hand Pallet Wrap

Wrapping pallets properly with hand pallet wrap to ensure your products arrive securely and safely is dependent on the type of film used and the way it has been wrapped.

There are different types of film in both hand rolls and machine rolls.

Blown Film is an old-fashioned film that is very thick and very sticky. It isn’t used so much these days as it is a higher-cost product and relies on its stickiness to cling rather than stretch which has a better hold on the pallet. It is usually used in hand rolls rather than machine rolls.

Caste Film is a nonsticky film that has better memory retention than blown film and is not sticky. It relies on the operator to stretch it rather than a gentle wrap as it relies on the retraction to give it cling. It is used on pallet wrapping machines and hand rolls. Some operators that have been used to using a sticky wrap often don’t like it to begin with as they are not used to stretching it as much as they need to. As caste film needs to be stretched it gives better pallet stability than blown film and pallets don’t stick together in delivery trucks.

Pre-Stretched (E-Stretch) film is a caste hand pallet wrap film that has been stretched before it is wound onto the cardboard core. This means that the operator can apply the film with very little stretch and the film contracts after it’s been applied to the pallet giving good pallet stability. It is used in hand rolls and on machines. It is a good machine film for lightweight pallets as you can apply it with very low tension and achieve a high tension result.

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