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Corrugated Paper

Ecorap corrugated paper rolls are a lightweight form of protective wrapping; manufactured from 100% recycled kraft paper. This product is ideal for wrapping around or interleaving between products in boxes or containers. It offers excellent protection against scratching and marking.

KB Packaging stocks Ecorap corrugated paper rolls in various widths with 75m on each roll.

Corrugated Paper Roll

Corrugated roll, also known as a corrugated cardboard roll or corrugated paper roll, is a versatile packaging material commonly used in various industries for protective packaging and cushioning applications. It is made from a sheet of corrugated cardboard that has been rolled into a continuous form, providing a flexible and adaptable packaging solution.

Composition: Corrugated rolls are composed of two layers: an outer liner, and a fluted or corrugated. The liners are typically made from kraft paper, which is sturdy and resistant to tearing. The fluted medium consists of a series of arched or corrugated ridges that provide strength, support, and cushioning.

Cushioning and Protection: The fluted structure of corrugated rolls provides excellent shock absorption and cushioning properties, making them ideal for protecting delicate or fragile items during transit or storage.

Versatility: Corrugated rolls can be easily cut, shaped, and manipulated to fit various packaging needs. They can be used to wrap products, create dividers or partitions within boxes, or provide padding and support during shipping.

Lightweight yet Strong: Despite being lightweight, corrugated rolls offer impressive strength and structural integrity. They can withstand stacking and compression forces, ensuring the safety of packaged items.

Cost-Effective: Corrugated rolls are generally affordable compared to other packaging materials. They provide a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to protect their products while minimising packaging expenses.

Environmentally Friendly: Our corrugated rolls are made from 100% recyclable kraft paper and can be easily recycled after use. They are considered an eco-friendly packaging option, contributing to sustainability efforts.

Usage: Corrugated rolls have a wide range of applications across various industries, including:

E-commerce and Retail: Corrugated rolls are commonly used to wrap and protect products during shipping, particularly for fragile or easily damaged items like glassware, electronics, or ceramics.

Manufacturing and Distribution: They are used for interlaying and cushioning between stacked products, preventing damage during transportation or storage. They can also be utilised for creating dividers or partitions within shipping boxes.

Furniture and Home Appliances: Corrugated rolls are employed to wrap and protect furniture, appliances, or other large items to prevent scratches, dents, or other damage during transit or when in storage.

Art and Craft: Corrugated rolls are popular among artists and crafters for various creative projects. They can be used for making displays, creating textured backgrounds, or constructing models and prototypes.

Corrugated rolls are versatile packaging materials that offer cushioning, protection, and flexibility. With their strength, lightweight nature, and cost-effectiveness, they are widely used across industries for packaging, shipping, and other creative applications. Additionally, their recyclable properties contribute to environmental sustainability, making them a preferred choice for many businesses.

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