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Paper Padded Envelopes

Heavy-duty kraft paper padded bags (envelopes) from KB Packaging.
The Jiffy Padded Bags offer much better performance in burst strength, cushioning and durability than most other types of postal mailing bags.

Made from 100% recycled paper.

Each padded bag has a double glued bottom flap, seamless sides and a self-sealing adhesive strip*

KB Packaging stocks a wide range of padded envelopes in various sizes.


You may wonder what is inside a Jiffy Padded Bag and if they can be recycled. Yes, Jiffy Padded Bags can be recycled as they are made of 100% paper. The paper used in the manufacturing process is also 100% recycled so the Jiffy Padded Bag is one of the greenest postal mailing envelopes on the market.

What is a Jiffy Padded Bag made of?

The padded postal bags are manufactured using recycled pulp and packed between two layers of paper. This offers a very high level of cushion protection and can be used for heavier items.

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