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A New Design For Ecommerce Packaging

An Insight Into Ecommerce

During the Pandemic there has been a massive increase in the amount of ecommerce packaging used globally, and that is due to, the consumer changing their buying habits, how they acquire the products they need and adapting to how to make purchases within a worldwide lockdown. Which is predominantly now purchases online. 

Emerging from the Pandemic this isn’t going to change.

The ecommerce packaging industry is worth around $49.2 billion and by 2025 it is predicted to have a further 15% increase taking it to $98.2 billion.

That is a lot of packaging and a lot of brands to stand out from, with that in mind, make sure your brand and your packaging is engaging and WOWS your customer.

What Is Ecommerce Packaging?

If you are wondering what Ecommerce Packaging is and the purpose of ecommerce packaging, let us explain. It is the packaging businesses encase their products when dispatched from the warehouse to the consumer.

Ecommerce Packaging delivers the product to the customer safely and securely so everything about this type of packaging needs to be sturdy, durable and distribution friendly.

Ecommerce Packaging must have other valuable qualities, online businesses use this type of packaging because; it enhances the brands identity and the experience for the customer, it protects the product, and enhance profitability for your business.

On delivery packaging is the first point of contact and interaction that the customer has with your brand, so its important your packaging is designed correctly to your branding, makes a positive impact and a lasting impression upon delivery.

Make Your Packaging Work For Your Business

There are some fundamentals of what decisions you make when choosing the packaging you use, it is important the design of the packaging is unique to your brand and designed to your specifications, to be more profitable and to achieve a successful delivery consider the.

  • Overall weight of the packaging you use, the heavier the packaging and product combined the cost of shipping can see an increase.
  • Are you using the wrong size packaging? This can impact your profit and cost, the quality of protection to your products in transit and/or create unnecessary waste. Don’t ship air or unuse any space.
  • Remember not to use the wrong materials, if the wrong materials are used, they may not reach your customers safely, and if they are damaged you will potentially process more refunds.
  • How you protect your products internally, inside your outer packaging, will also have an impact on cost, if it does not protect your products properly.
  • Customers look at the whole package, sustainable packaging will reduce your impact on the environment, consumers have become environmentally conscious and if the packaging you use has a sustainable background it reduces overall waste production and builds a trusting relationship with your customer.

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