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Planet Friendly Postal Packaging 

Planet Friendly Postal Packaging

In this era of digital prominence, ecommerce has experienced an unprecedented surge in popularity, necessitating thoughtful considerations for packaging solutions. Erth mailing bags represent a cutting-edge fusion of sustainability and eco-conscious innovation. Crafted from environmentally- friendly paper and engineered for unwavering durability, these bags not only safeguard your precious shipments but also actively minimise their environmental footprint. Make a responsible choice with Erth mailing bags, and let your online business thrive while prioritising the planet.

The Power of Paper

Paper is a remarkable packaging material, seamlessly blending environmental friendliness, versatility, and functionality. Derived from renewable wood pulp sources, paper embodies sustainability, as it is both biodegradable and easily recyclable, ensuring a minimal environmental footprint. What sets it apart even further is its eco-conscious production process, which consumes significantly less energy and emits fewer pollutants compared to alternative materials, actively reducing carbon emissions. 

As consumer preferences continue to evolve towards eco-conscious choices, paper enjoys an increasingly positive perception, effectively bolstering your brand’s reputation in alignment with sustainable values.    

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Sustainable, Long Lasting & Green

Experience enhanced efficiency, customer satisfaction, and sustainability with our Erth mailing range. Our range offers a sustainable choice for businesses who want to reduce plastic usage whilst at the same time optimising the shipping process. The Erth mailing range is designed to tackle challenges head-on. By minimising transport volume, weight, and packaging materials, Erth actively contributes to reducing your environmental footprint.

Erth mailers are manufactured from 100% sturdy kraft paper, they are not only eco-friendly but also highly functional. Equipped with two adhesive strips and a tear-strip feature, they are specifically tailored for seamless e-commerce use.

Erth mailers are the perfect choice for pre-packed items, including, clothing, shoes, accessories, consumer electronics, and much more. Join us in making a sustainable difference by opting for Erth mailers, the smart packaging solution for a greener future. 

Efficiency, Customer Satisfaction & Sustainability

Sustainable: Erth mailers are 100% paper, the most sustainable of raw materials available, they can be recycled many times and of course, paper is biodegradable.

Efficient: When comparing to traditional packaging products, such as, boxes, ecommerce businesses will reduce transport volume, weight and packaging material, simply by using the Erth mailing bags.

Customer Friendly:  Consumers will appreciate the functionality of the bag, as well as the environmentally friendly approach. 

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