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Choosing the Right Shrink Film

Selecting the best shrink film for your needs all depends on your application. 

How big is the object you need to wrap? Layflat film is known for its width (up to 15 metres) and the ability to be heat-welded for a larger coverage. This makes it ideal for wrapping large objects or creating liners. For smaller items, centrefold layflat film is a better option. ( Centrefold means that the film is folded in half lengthways).

Layflat film is commonly or also known as shrink-wrap, it is a versatile film solution and available in a range of widths and lengths. Unfolded film provides full width, used for applications where a maximum coverage is needed. Centrefold is pre-folded, and this is ideal for wrapping smaller medium-sized objects.

There are other factors to consider before choosing which film you use; how much weight or pressure does the film need to hold, do you need a transparent film, for things like product visibility? How tightly does the film need to shrink around the object/product?

Whether you manage a warehouse, work in retail or run any business where you store goods, keeping your goods secure is very important. Damaged products not only cause cost but also lead to unhappy customers.

Indoor storage has risks from corrosion and fire, to theft or damage. There are a variety of solutions available to create a safe and secure space for your goods and products. Heat shrink pallet covers and hoods ae available from KB Packaging to keep your pallets stable and secure.


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