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Enhance Pallet Stability and Productivity

How could choosing the right machine and wrap change your business?

A pallet wrap machine is an investment piece of equipment for businesses, some businesses don’t realise they would benefit from its usage.

Here are somethings to consider, and if your business does this day to day, now is the time to review your operations.

Work out the numbers

Wrapping 10-15 pallets per day by hand? It is time to look for alternative methods of wrapping, it would provide a faster process, allow staff to be productive in other areas of the business, helping the business to grow and develop, and lower any health and safety risks for staff, all allowing for an efficient process.

S140 Core Brake Pallet Wrapper

Again, if you are hand wrapping 10-15 pallets per day, this can increase the amount of material you use, making your cost higher and your waste produced more. Using a pallet wrap machine, set to the correct settings and with the right wrap, for example Nano wrap, can save you up to 60% per pallet.

There are a number of machines to choose from, we can help you to partner the right film and get the best result possible, that means, be the most cost effective, productive and efficient, and create as little waste as possible. 


Weight & Space


Have you considered the weight of your pallets? Wrapping pallets by hand can affect the sturdiness of the pallet, this can result in damage to the goods in transit, affect the experience of your customer and pose as a health and safety issue. A pallet wrapper tightens the film around the pallet even while still using less, it gives an added strength that can’t be achieved by hand wrapping.

If you are worried about the space, you have for housing a pallet wrap machine, a site visit and audit can help to find the right machine for your business based on all factors including the space you have available. You will reduce the amount of wrap you use this will allow for more space in your warehouse.


Installation & Beyond

Do you have any concerns regarding the cost of installing a machine? In the long term it is far more cost effective for your business, a machine can last up to the region of 15+ years, and we provide servicing for the machine to ensure longevity.

By assessing the way, you wrap and the film you use you can make savings of up to 60% for your business.

  • Improve business productivity
  • Reduce any damage and returns
  • Reduce your storage
  • Reduce any transport costs
  • Create a better customer experience

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

Spinny S300 Pallet Wrap Machine ‘’ We purchased the Spinny S300 March 2019, we were looking for a more efficient & cost effective method for our pallet movements. The machine wraps approx 245 pallets a day for our business, it’s very well made and has a yearly service, we have never had any issues since our purchase. We found a program we can adjust to our needs for various pallet sizes, making it easier for our operators to just press play when they need to change any settings. The machines are very efficient and we currently use 15 micron pallet wrap and get a good pallet return from each roll. We would highly recommend this machine model.’’ Stores Supervisor

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