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Innovations in Pallet Stability with Invictus Nanofilm

KB Packaging’s use of nanofilm marks a significant advancement in securing and stabilising palletised loads. The advanced stretch film, superior in strength but has minimal thickness compared to traditional films, introduces an array of benefits aimed at enhancing the security and integrity of goods during their journey.

Nanofilm sets a new standard in packaging with its unique combination of features;

Exceptional cling and load retention: The film’s outstanding cling properties tightly secure loads to the pallet, significantly reducing the necessity for additional securing methods and ensuring that goods remain intact throughout transit.

Durability under stress: Its engineered resilience allows nano film to with stand substantial stress without compromising load integrity, making it an invaluable asset in protecting goods against the rigours of transport.

Optimised load containment: Thanks to its superior stretch capabilities, nanofilm adeptly conforms to irregular shapes and sizes, ensuring a snug fit that prevents load shifting and enhances stability.

Environmental impact and efficiency: Not only does the use of nanofilm lead to a decrease in the amount of stretch film required – offering cost savings and reducing waste – but it includes a minimum of 30% recycled material, meaning it helps towards environmental sustainability in packaging solutions.

Resistance to environmental factors: The film’s ability to withstand variations in temperature, humidity, and exposure to UV radiation ensures that pallet stability is maintained across diverse conditions throughout the supply chain.

Seamless integration and automation: Compatible with an array of packaging machinery, nanofilm facilitates efficient operations, accommodating both semi-automatic and fully automatic stretch wrapping systems to support high-volume logistics activities.

The adoption of nanofilm not only enhances the security and stability of palletised goods but also aligns with sustainability goals, reducing the environmental footprint of packaging processes.

The dynamic realm of ecommerce and fulfilment demands unparalleled efficiency and reliability, where pallet stability plays a critical role. Recognising the impact of compromised pallet stability on costs, customer satisfaction, and brand reputation, it’s clear that mastering this aspect of logistics  fundamental for businesses striving to lead in the competitive ecommerce landscape.

As the industry continues to grow, adopting these robust practices will not only mitigate risks but also set the stage for seamless expansion and customer satisfaction.

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