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Invictus 30% Recycled Content Nano Film

Invictus Nano Wrap


Nano films made up of multiple layers, they are very strong and very thin. Nano machine film is a popular choice because it; lowers the cost per pallet wrapped, reduces your carbon footprint and has exceptional load stability.

The Invictus 30% recycled Nano machine pallet wrap is a film that has been manufactured using 30% recycled plastic, while still using Nano technology and maintaining a stretch of 250%, a result very few manufactures have been able to achieve.

Despite the element of recycled content that has been used, this Invictus Nano machine film still performs as well as 100% virgin films.  


Manufactured using 30% recycled content

Reducing our environmental impact, and 

helping businesses across the UK to lower theirs too

Discover Your Potential Saving

Using 30% Recycled Plastic

It is hard to guarantee continuous quality when making a product from a recycled material (plastic). This is due to impurities which can make the finished product material weak and have an impact on the performance when it is used. Potentially  leading to breakages during the application process with the pallet wrap machine. Which isn’t great for operators and understandably can be frustrating when completing the wrapping process.

However our Invictus with 30% recycled content is an eco-friendly film that still retains a guaranteed stretch of at least 250%, outperforming standard films on the market.

Stretching 250% allows 1m of the film to stretch to 3.5m when used with a pre stretch machine, making Invictus a film which in terms of both performance and sustainability is a manufacturing success story and rivals other films that are available within the industry now.

Making A Difference

Once the pallet reaches its destination, the pallet wrap can be recycled in the same way a virgin pallet wraps and is a very attractive material source, if you are able to keep clear film separate to coloured film, you will be in high demand with recycling companies. If they use a single unit high output universal recycling system, they will be able to turn it back into plastic pellets, and then back into plastic bags, pallet top sheets and back to stretch wrap, to mention a few.

Invictus once recycled can be turned in to new products rather than end it’s journey in landfill or incinerated. And of course Invictus is exempt from the plastic packaging tax.

  • Lower your cost per wrapped pallet
  • Reduce your carbon footprint 
  • Plastic tax free 
  • Up to 250% stretch 
  • Multilayer technology 
  • Replaces standard and pre-strectch films
  • 2181 Metres per roll

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