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Master Your Q2 Packaging: A Guide to Materials, Efficiency, and Cost

Sustainability vs Cost:

Consumers continue to demand that the brands they invest in use sustainable practices with their packaging and operational processes, however they also have a growing emphasis on affordability, which means that businesses need to find a balance between the two. In Q2 it is important that businesses review their sustainable packaging practices to overcome difficult conditions within the industry.

Minimal Packaging: 

A great way to save on cost and become more efficient is to use minimalist packaging, By keeping it simple, but unique to your product, you’ll lose no protection but gain savings on cost as well as time. Packaging audits are great way of discovering how to achieve the perfect packaging fit for your product, minimise waste at the end of the chain.

Printed Packaging:

Branded and printed packaging has become more and more popular, especially over the last 7 years. Printed packaging is a great way to promote your brand, engage with customers, and thanks to AI personalise. There are some great eco-friendly inks and material options available.


Consumers demand fast outputs, and that demand is set to increase throughout the year, with key events and holidays driving purchases. By adding automation to your operations, whether that be machinery to a supplier that is reliable and can get packaging to you at speed, now is the time to prepare and put your packaging in place ready for those busy periods.

To make sure all of your packaging is ready for the rest of 2024, we advise a packaging audit, to optimise your processes and increase your efficiencies.

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