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Pallet Wrapping Made Eco & It Costs Less

How does my business use plastic in a better way?

We educate on the advantages and disadvantages of both paper and plastic packaging. We will be completely honest whether there is a better product or method, that will be more cost effective, eco friendly and efficient for your business, and if there isn’t we will tell you that to, because we want your business to work in a better way.

Looking for solutions


With the mindset and environmental targets of businesses, industries and consumers changing in favour of a more sustainable and environmentally friendly product, service, or solution. Many are switching from plastic to paper in a bid to lower their carbon footprint and reduce their environmental impact.

Do you simply need to alter the way you use plastic and the way you apply your plastic packaging.

Nano wrap is a cost effective, waste reducing and efficient way for you to wrap your pallets.

A better product



Using Nano wrap massively reduces the waste you create, helping you to achieve a lower environmental impact. It lowers the amount of plastic you use by being ultra-strong and having 400% more stretch, without affecting the stability of your pallets, Nano wrap has a very high tear resistance, the film will not pierce when wrapped around sharp corners of boxes or items on your pallet.

With those facts now known, be aware that other wrappers on the market will only stretch to 150%-200% and their tear resistance because of this is much lower, resulting in you using more plastic and creating more waste.  The pallet wraps you ae currently using could be making you double your usage, adding to cost and affecting efficiency for your business.

Enhancing your product and production

S140 Core Brake Pallet Wrapper



Are you using the right machinery to apply your pallet wrap? If you know the correct machine to use for your pallet wrap and the mechanical features that work best, you will be on for success when wrapping, if you are wrapping pallets by hand particularly a large amount, it will be worth reviewing whether machine wrap is a more efficient option, it will also preventing you tiring your staff out, so they can be more productive in other areas of the business.


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