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Making Protective Packaging More Diverse

Ecommerce is an industry growing at pace; it is more important now than ever to be sourcing packaging products that consumers want to receive, and paper is power in the current consumer market, with its environmental links it is associated with. Do you have a green ambition within  growth and development plan? but want to maintain efficiency and be cost effective?

Traditional bubble wrap is the most recognised way to protect goods in transit and is able to deliver them safely and securely. And if this is what you currently use, you might feel anxious considering or switching to alternatives.

But there is another product that you can rely on, our Hex Wrap protects against, scratches, minor breakage and reduces the risk of customer dissatisfaction, just like traditional bubble.

Upon delivery it gives an unboxing experience for the customer, with a sustainable look, easy opening and they can recycle or re-use the material.

Why Hex Wrap Delivers

It is used in a similar way to the traditional bubble wrap, it wraps around your delicate products to protect them however it features a honeycomb surface that interlocks to seal and secure your delicate goods in place, no need to apply tape or glue, and no need for scissors.

It is eco-friendly, the product can be recycled and reused easily, which is great not only for you but for the consumer, it biodegrades easily too and to create the product itself it uses a much smaller amount of energy, reducing your overall impact on the environment.

Hex Paper delivers a perfect presentation upon delivery, it looks aesthetically pleasing and premium but maintains an environmental message, giving a great customer journey and experience, building a positive relationship between you,  your brand and your customer.

There are so many products and items you can wrap with Hex Paper, from glass to pot, pictures, and mirrors to cosmetics, tableware, pharmaceuticals even bouquets and so many more. Like with conventional bubble wrap you can wrap fragile items and shapes that are awkward or unusual.

To speak to us about changing your internal protective packaging and to find out more about what is in your packaging material please follow the link below.

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