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Printed Tape & Your Brand

I bet you have been searching google? Looking for the best tape for your brand, your business, will printed tape even benefit your business, you are searching for the best guidance and advice.
Stop panicking.

Here are the reasons why your brand should be stuck to all of your packaging.

Custom printed tape has huge marketing benefits for your business, it makes your brand visible and shouts about your business from the moment of dispatch. With the increase of ecommerce branding your tape will make you stand out from other packages.

Do you want to show your customer you care and attention to detail is important to you? Branding your tape does exactly that. Your customer will have confidence of the care taken. Chances are you take it in your products and services to.

Stick your branded tape to your plain cardboard boxes, it’s a simple efficient way of branding your packaging and it keeps the cost low, but your package will look professional.

Imagine if your package gets lost in transit? If you tape your box in your branded tape it can be easily identified and put back on the right route to the right recipient. Your customer will also know if their goods have been damaged or tampered with, its pretty hard to hide when you are using printed tape.

This is also a great opportunity to print any instructions onto your package. A bold message that lets those handling your precious cargo know how best to handle it.

So, the conclusion is that having bespoke, branded, and printed tape is a great business decision, and has loads of benefits, for protecting and, marketing who you are.

How do you do it successfully?

  • Keep it simple
  • Make sure you are distinctive
  • Choose the right colours
  • Typography is important

You are probably ready to bring your ideas to life now, you need a design team that will provide you with the honest service and really show you the full potential your brand can reach via the packaging you use.

Don’t be stuck down by drab packaging tape, get recognised and pack it with print.


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