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Strapping Tool Tensioner HD – 19mm

Strapping Tool Tensioner HD – 19mm

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Weight 0.03 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 mm

A tensioner for composite, corded, and woven polyester strapping is a specialized tool designed to tighten and secure composite strapping around packages, bundles, or pallets. Composite strapping, also known as corded strapping, is made up of high-tenacity polyester yarns encased in a polymer coating, providing excellent strength and durability for securing heavy loads. Woven polyester strapping is made from polyester yarns woven together.

Construction: A tensioner for composite strapping is typically constructed with robust materials to withstand the high tension required for secure strapping. It may feature a combination of steel, aluminium, and durable plastics to ensure strength and longevity.

Ratchet Mechanism: The tensioner employs a ratchet mechanism to apply tension to the strapping. The ratchet mechanism allows for incremental tightening, ensuring a consistent and controlled application of tension.

Adjustable Tension Settings: The tensioner offers adjustable tension settings, allowing the user to control the amount of tension applied to the strapping. This adjustability ensures the strapping is tightened appropriately for different package sizes and weights.

Gripping Mechanism: The tensioner includes a gripping mechanism that securely holds the composite strapping in place during tensioning. This mechanism prevents slippage and helps maintain the desired tension level while working with the strapping.

Ergonomic Design: The tensioner is designed with ergonomic considerations to provide comfort and ease of use. It may feature a comfortable handle, non-slip grip, and intuitive controls to facilitate efficient strapping operations.

Compatibility: The tensioner is specifically designed for use with composite, corded, and woven polyester strapping. It accommodates the width and thickness of composite strapping commonly used in the industry, ensuring a proper fit and effective tensioning.

Safety Features: Tensioners for composite, corded, and woven polyester strapping often incorporate safety features to protect the user during operation. These may include blade guards, handle designs that minimize the risk of hand injuries, and other safety mechanisms.

It’s important to note that tensioners for composite, corded, and woven polyester strapping may vary in design and functionality based on the manufacturer and specific model. It’s recommended to refer to the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines for proper usage and maintenance of the tensioner.

A tensioner designed specifically for composite, corded, and woven polyester strapping provides a reliable and efficient way to apply tension and secure heavy loads. It ensures the safe transportation of goods and offers a robust strapping solution for industries that require strong and durable packaging.


The P310 tensioner is for use with Composite, Woven and Corded Polyester Strapping.

Maximum strap width: 19mm


Additional information

Weight 0.03 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 mm

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