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Sustainable Packaging Hacks

I’s an eco-conscious world out there, and consumers are demanding sustainable packaging and that businesses are providing eco-friendly processes. But how do you achieve operational sustainability, without impacting profitability?

Change from using virgin plastics and materials to recycled paper or compostable options, these materials break down fast and reduce the amount of waste you produce.  Have you looked at the size of your packaging you use? Oversized packaging is a big waste, design your packaging to fit your product, why? It not only minimises materials but also transportation emissions. Less really is more, don’t put to many layers into your box, minimal clever designs and functional inserts, will protect your products without using a lot of packaging.

Sustainability within your operations, goes far beyond your packaging; energy efficiency is key, LED lighting, smart thermostats, and renewable energy sources are a great way to make positive changes to achieve sustainability, lowering not only your carbon footprint but your energy bill as well. Invest in water efficient fixtures and processes to conserve the resource. Choosing fuel efficient vehicles and optimising delivery routes. You could explore options like electric vehicles or speak to customers about consolidating deliveries.

Sustainable operations are only good for the environment, but for your business too! Energy efficiency, reducing your waste, and optimising the processes you use, will all lead you to lowered costs and greener packaging operations. Consumers increasing demand for sustainability draws them to eco-conscious brands. By demonstrating your sustainable practices, you will gain brand loyalty and consumer recognition. By embracing sustainability now, your are paving the way for a greener future, where eco-friendly practices are a normality.

It’s your opportunity to be an industry leader by making changes now!

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