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What are the Benefits of Using Ripack Guns and Shrink Film to Secure Pallets

In the shipping world today, keeping your products safe in transit is crucial. For businesses in the UK, using a Ripack heat shrink gun and shrink film. Powerful and cost effective tools across a variety of industries.

Engineered for Efficiency:

Renowned for their power and performance, Ripack heat shrink guns, powered by propane gas, are the perfect tool for protecting products in storage and in transit, whether it is a standard pallet, product or ugly freight. They delivered focused heat and shrink the film to the shape of the pallet or product.

How do I Know Which Shrink Film to Use?

While the Ripack gun is renowned for it’s power and efficiency, choosing a shrink film fit for the task, optimises the results and ensures a secure wrap. Select a film thick enough to handle what needs to be protected, is it being shrunk on to standard palletised items, or unusually shaped goods, or even individual products. Measuring your product against your film is hugely important, getting the size right first time means you will get an even coverage and not create any waste. We advise using tools such as the Multicover 960 for even and accurate covering.

Heat shrinking your pallet with a Ripack heat shrink gun and film offers a multitude of advantages:

You’ll benefit from enhanced protection against dust, dirt and damage, as well as being able to see if the pallet has been tampered with. Using this method gives improved stability as goods are tightly packed to the pallet. A Ripack heat shrink gun offers continuous streamlined work flows especially when used with a high performing film and correct accompanying tools. Finally you’ll have a professional finish, appearing great to your customers when your goods arrive, but also during transit.

To find out more about Ripack heat shrink guns and the variety of shrink films available, contact our team today.

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