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What is Shrink Film?

Shrink wrap, also well know as shrink film, is a powerful packaging tool, used across various industries. It’s a plastic film that shrinks tightly around an item when heat is applied, creating a secure and protective layer. These features make it a popular choice for protecting and stabilising products during transport and storage.

Using shrink film is really simple and easy to do…

Begin by wrapping the item in shrink film, use tools like the Multicover 960 to ensure you only use the film you need, and the ability to make custom sizing. Apply the heat, by using a Ripack heat shrink gun, for targeted heating and even heat distribution.

The magic of shrink film lies in the behaviour of the polymer chains. In their natural state, these long chains are tangled, when the plastic is manufactured, the chains become stretched and aligned. Applying heat makes them respond, causing them to return to their original state and shrink, tightly moulding around the item.

Here are some benefits of using shrink film…

Protection – It protects against damage when in transit and in storage. It also makes it apparent if the cargo has been tampered with. In addition to this shrink film protects against dirt and moisture both in transit and when palletised products are stored.

Stability – When the film is heated, it creates a tight fit around the products and pallet, meaning it is less likely to topple, reducing the risk of cost to damaged products and protecting the health and safety of your staff.

It’s Adaptable  – Shrink film is able to adapt to a variety of different shapes and sizes, making it a really versatile piece of packaging.

Industries that commonly use shrink film:

Food and beverage industries commonly use shrink film to bundle large quantities of products together, retail environments shipping large quantities of palletised product, and it can even be used for boats and uneven shapes, electronics, building materials, and timber.

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