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Why You Shouldn’t Be Running Around Your Pallets




Hand wrapping pallets is still a much seen part of the operational process for many businesses within their distribution chain. Is this because they don’t know a better more efficient way? Because they put off a review due to a busy business day?

We have a few things we would like to point out about the time your business is spending running around pallets and what they could be doing to better utilise their time… 

What can a machine do that a person can’t?

  • Containing the load, that is on the pallet is the whole point, you want to protect the products while in transit. Wrapping the pallet by hand does not provide consistency to the pallet’s stability. By using a machine and machine pallet wrap you have more stability are all wrapped the same and to the same standard, and it ensures the integrity of the pallet in transit is maintained… Your pallet will arrive safe and intact.
  • Health and Safety, looking after your employees and their overall wellbeing is one of your main priorities (We hope). When pallets are hand wrapped things like; walking backwards and repeatedly around the pallet can cause dizziness or tripping, bending, and stretching around the pallet causes strain, a badly wrapped pallet can topple over and onto a worker.
S140 Core Brake Pallet Wrapper
  • Waste Reduction, using nano wrap applied via a machine reduces plastic waste by 30% or more, that makes it more cost effective and better for the environment. It is more efficient you save on the time it takes for your pallets to be wrapped when done by hand this means you can distribute more pallets per day.
  • Labour, now you have a pallet wrap machine and the pallet wrap to accompany, your employees can be working on more productive and profitable tasks, to support your new operation process, things like packaging and picking orders, helping to load deliveries and/maintaining stock to ensure every product in the warehouse is where it should be and runs smoothly.

It is so important you apply your pallet wrap properly, and we are here to help you achieve that.

That means we will;

Make sure your pallet wrap secures your product in transit.

Protects all of your products from any; dirt, moisture or other damage from external factors.

Reduce risk of injury.

We promise we can increase your speed and efficiency.

Guaranteed waste reduction.

Save your business money.

Ensure you deliver with a quality service.



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