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Polythene Heat Shrink Multi Fold – 1000/4000mm 50Kg/Roll 125Mu

Polythene Heat Shrink Multi Fold – 1000/4000mm 50Kg/Roll 125Mu

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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 mm

Polythene Ht Shrink Multi Fold 1-4M 50Kg/Roll 125Mu

Polyethene heat shrink film is a versatile packaging material that is widely used in various industries for packaging, protecting, and securing a wide range of products. It is made from polyethene, a thermoplastic polymer, which can be easily manipulated using heat to shrink tightly around an object or product.


Shrink Properties: The primary characteristic of polyethene heat shrink film is its ability to shrink when exposed to heat. The film is manufactured in a stretched state, and when heat is applied, it retracts, conforming tightly to the shape of the product being wrapped. The shrinkage process provides a secure and protective layer around the item, offering stability, tamper resistance, and resistance to dirt, moisture, and other external factors.

Material Varieties: Polyethylene heat shrink film is available in different material varieties, including low-density polyethene (LDPE) and polyolefin. LDPE films are generally more flexible and have good clarity, making them suitable for packaging irregularly shaped items. Polyolefin films have higher clarity, strength, and shrink ability, making them suitable for a wide range of applications, including food packaging.

Transparency and Printability: Polyethylene heat shrink film is typically transparent, allowing for product visibility and promotional display. This transparency can be advantageous in retail environments, as it showcases the packaged product while providing protection. Additionally, the film can be printed with branding, logos, product information, or decorative designs to enhance product visibility and marketability.

Versatility: Polyethylene heat shrink film is highly versatile and can be used to package a wide range of products, including individual items, bundled products, or entire pallet loads. It is suitable for packaging food products, beverages, electronics, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and various consumer goods. The film can be used for primary packaging (directly contacting the product) or secondary packaging (grouping multiple items together).

Protection and Security: Polyethylene heat shrink film provides excellent protection against moisture, dust, and other contaminants. It also offers a tamper-evident barrier, making it easier to identify if a product has been opened or tampered with. This feature is particularly important for safeguarding the integrity and quality of products during transportation, storage, or retail display.

Sustainability Considerations: With growing concerns about environmental sustainability, manufacturers offer polyethene heat shrink films that are recyclable and made from recycled content. Choosing recyclable films and implementing responsible recycling practices helps reduce the environmental impact of packaging materials.

Polyethene heat shrink film is a popular choice for product packaging due to its versatility, shrink ability, protective properties, and customization options. It provides a secure and visually appealing packaging solution for a wide range of industries, ensuring product integrity, shelf appeal, and consumer satisfaction.

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 mm

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