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Unbox Your Competitive Edge: Powerful Packaging Strategies to Make You Stand-out

Packaging is more than just a box, it’s a silent salesperson, an ambassador for your brand, and plays a crucial role in influencing your audiences purchasing decisions. We have some tips on how you can dominate the shelves and the market with these packaging strategies. Captivate your audience: Visually appealing packaging that reflects your brand […]

What is Shrink Film?

Shrink wrap, also well know as shrink film, is a powerful packaging tool, used across various industries. It’s a plastic film that shrinks tightly around an item when heat is applied, creating a secure and protective layer. These features make it a popular choice for protecting and stabilising products during transport and storage. Using shrink […]

What are the Benefits of Using Ripack Guns and Shrink Film to Secure Pallets

In the shipping world today, keeping your products safe in transit is crucial. For businesses in the UK, using a Ripack heat shrink gun and shrink film. Powerful and cost effective tools across a variety of industries. Engineered for Efficiency: Renowned for their power and performance, Ripack heat shrink guns, powered by propane gas, are […]

Master Your Q2 Packaging: A Guide to Materials, Efficiency, and Cost

Sustainability vs Cost: Consumers continue to demand that the brands they invest in use sustainable practices with their packaging and operational processes, however they also have a growing emphasis on affordability, which means that businesses need to find a balance between the two. In Q2 it is important that businesses review their sustainable packaging practices […]

Choosing the Right Shrink Film

Selecting the best shrink film for your needs all depends on your application.  How big is the object you need to wrap? Layflat film is known for its width (up to 15 metres) and the ability to be heat-welded for a larger coverage. This makes it ideal for wrapping large objects or creating liners. For […]

How to Service and Maintain Your Ripack Heat Shrink Gun

The Ripack heat shrink gun is a reliable tool for many industries. But like any high-performance machine, Ripack guns require regular maintenance to ensure peak performance, and longevity. While you may be able to Google some hints and tips, it is always better to use a trusted Ripack service centre, and here is why. Benefits […]

Innovations in Pallet Stability with Invictus Nanofilm

KB Packaging’s use of nanofilm marks a significant advancement in securing and stabilising palletised loads. The advanced stretch film, superior in strength but has minimal thickness compared to traditional films, introduces an array of benefits aimed at enhancing the security and integrity of goods during their journey. Nanofilm sets a new standard in packaging with […]

The Vital Role of Pallet Stability in the Ecommerce and Fulfilment Industries

In an era where ecommerce and fulfilment operations are the backbone of retail, the stability of pallets carrying goods across the globe is a critical factor in both the success of businesses and the satisfaction of customers.  The key role of pallet stability in ensuring efficient, safe, and cost-effective delivery of products.  The ecommerce and […]

Spring Packaging, Staying Fresh and Standing Out

Spring is a time for renewal, and that extends to the packaging of your products. As everywhere around bursts with vibrant colours and life, your packaging needs to reflect the same energy to grab attention on crowded shelves.  Here are some of our top tips to make your packaging stand out this season… Spring pallets […]

How Choosing the Right Packaging Company Can Enhance Business Efficiency

In today’s fast-paced business environment, achieving speed and efficiency in all operations is not just a goal-it’s a necessity As a business leader, you understand the pressures of meeting deadlines, maintaining quality, and exceeding customer expectations. The last thing you need is for packaging to slow you down or become a bottleneck in your supply […]

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